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Raphie Etgar - CV

Etgar was born in Jerusalem in 1947 and received his BFA from the Bezalel Academy of Arts in Jerusalem.

In the year 1999 Etgar has founded the Museum on the Seam; the first socio-political contemporary art museum in Israel and since then he resides as its artistic Director and Curator.
Since the museum's opening he initiates and maintains exhibitions that deal with issues at the center of public discussion and in the spirit of human rights and civic duties ,out of a profound commitment to bring moral and social change through fine contemporary art from Israel and the world.

During these years Etgar curates the following exhibitions: DEAD END (2005) which dealt with the violence within Israeli society , EQUAL AND LESS EQUAL (2006) that focused on the issues of discrimination exploitation and humiliation ,BARE LIFE (2007) about the personal and public consequences of a prolong state of emergency that becomes legitimized, HEARTQUAKE (2008) that examined the central role of anxiety in human interactions with their surroundings thus examining the dynamics of social and political interactions, NATURE & NATION (2009) that dealt with the complexity of encounters between humans with their natural environment, THE RIGHT TO PROTEST (2010) about the obligation that comes with the privilege of protest, WEST END (2011) about the clash of civilizations between Islam and the west and the possible consequences, BEYOND MEMORY (2012) exposed images delved from the archives of repression and denial of fears and anxieties from our past experiences, in an attempt to examine through them future scenarios awaiting us and to learn from them how to avoid repeating past mistakes ; FLESH AND BLOOD (2013) attempts to scrutinize the existing harsh relationship between mankind and other animals, and calls upon us to look at the flesh and blood as a fabric connecting the family of animals, of which we are part.

In 2000 Etgar initiates exhibition COEXISTANCE: This large scale travelling exhibition incorporates leading artists from around the world and have been displayed in over 30 cities in different continents , calls for mutual understanding between fellow humans ,nations and religions and its opening ceremonies are attended by local leaders of the states it encounters on its global journey .

During these years Etgar lectures and directs projects in central academies around Europe among them:
National College of Art and Design, Dublin; Akademie der K?nste, Berlin Akademie der Bildenden K?nste, Vienna; Hochschule der K?nste, Zurich; Akademija Likovnih Umjetnosti, Sarajevo; Kunstakademie, D?sseldorf; Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden K?nste, Stuttgart.

Between the years 1990-1999 he is invited to serve as artist- in -residence and artistic consultant of the renowned S. FISHER publishing house in Germany.
During his residency he creates over 300 posters following books, and over 1000 book covers. His encounters with renowned authors, with which he had worked has created for him a fascinating linkage between the artistic and literary worlds.

During these years he continues to participate in solo and group exhibitions in Israel and throughout the world. Among his solo exhibitions: The Israel Museum, (1995),the National Poster Museum in Essen, Germany(1998) and the Widener Library at Harvard University, Boston, USA (1990) and his works are published in leading art magazines around the world

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