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Exhibition Activities

The month of the exhibition is a month of coexistence in your city with events and activities on this theme.

It is part of the experience of Coexistence that each city plans activities that are particularly suited to their history and culture and make this exhibition a very special “happening” in their city. There are so many possible links between the exhibition and other institutions in each city: the school system, the university, the local museums, and community centers. This exhibition expands the horizons of art and motivates all of us to go beyond the site of the exhibit itself and beyond the concept of an exhibition.

Opening in Berlin in the presence of the President of Germany, exhibition in front of the Reichstag Building


The opening event sets the tone for the exhibition and is a festive and grand affair held in the presence of the Curator of the exhibition who also presents the Georg von Holtzbrinck Coexistence Award during the ceremony. Well-known celebrities and local personalities are invited to join the opening. In host cities around the world the opening has been hosted by the Mayor or Head of State and it becomes a very special occasion when accompanied by a concert or performance. The opening is a cultural celebration of coexistence and diversity for each city.

The curator of the exhibition speaking at the opening in Minneapolis in the presence of the Mayor, the University President and representatives of the community.


Publicity is very important and announcements of the exhibition in the local press and local TV news or programming are important in getting the word out to your community.

Therefore, it is important for each city that invites the exhibition to make contact at the earliest opportunity with the local media using materials provided by the Museum. It is recommended to refer the media to the curator of the exhibition directly.



One of the leading local newspapers or television channels produces round table discussions on the theme of the exhibition. These panels include participants from different fields as well as representatives of the younger generation. The forum takes place in a central location and is well covered by the media and usually broadcast on local television.

Discussion panel in Luxembourg in the presence of the Mayor


Teachers have developed special programming for students based on a visit to the exhibition. A field trip to the exhibition provides a tremendous opportunity for a discussion about coexistence. Students create their own posters on coexistence and create their own exhibition for their schools.

The Museum has produced a small indoor version 100cm x 70cm (3ft x 2ft) of the exhibition with a special educational program that can be ordered and used in schools around the city following the larger exhibition. This special workshop kit is being widely used in Israeli schools with the cooperation of the Peres Center for Peace and the support of the European Union.

Workshops in South Africa in cooperation with the Frank Joubert Center for Art with children from the townships


This day is sponsored and coordinated by the local department of education. Schoolchildren are invited to the exhibition for a special day of activities on the theme of coexistence. The day before they have a special program in their schools to prepare them for visiting the exhibition. While on site they also participate in a workshop run by teachers and students from the local art academy and create their own vision of coexistence. It is possible to mount a local exhibition of the children's work.

Workshops in South Africa in cooperation with the Frank Joubert Center for Art with children from the townships


A competition is held in the local art academies among the design students to produce a poster on the theme of coexistence. First place is awarded a monetary prize and the students are informed that the best works may be included in the original exhibition and added to the next stops in the exhibition's journey. The competition is organized in cooperation with the director of the academy and the design department and the exhibition curator works with the students to explore the special meaning behind their work.

Work by Dennis Paul, winning image in the student competition in the Academy of Art in Berlin

The Curator Raphie Etgar with Prof. Fons Hickmann from the art academy in Vienna

The curator with students from the art academy during the competition


During the period of the exhibition, a film festival on the theme of human rights, tolerance and coexistence may be held in conjunction with the local film festival society or movie theaters close to the site of the exhibition.

Special performances and concerts, theater and dance celebrate the message of coexistence through different mediums of art.

Folk festivals or ethnic diversity celebrations may be held parallel to the exhibition that include ethnic music concerts, food stalls celebrating the local cultural mix and more.

Ballet Austin special performance in conjunction with the exhibition

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The photograph on the right features the medium size version of exhibition Coexistence for indoor use - also available for invitation